Selling a home is one of the biggest decision in your life. In order to support you in this important decision we prepared 3 main packages to address different customer needs in selling their property.




Basic package

We designed basic package for homeowners who want to get professional advise in selling their property and the same time keeping whole process at own hands. We recommend this package to homeowners who have enough time to deal with sale and who wants to do things by themselves.

Basic package includes:

  • 1 hour personal consultation with experienced real estate agent. During this consultation you will get advises how to sell home successfully, recommended price range, how to prepare property for sale.
  • Preparation of professional advert on main real estate portals ( and
  • Professional photos of your home to attract buyers
  • Condensed how to guide:
    • How to avoid common mistakes in selling a home
    • How to prepare home for sale
    • How to work with potential buyer
    • How to promote your property in the web
    • Legal and financial aspects.

Basic package costs only 290 euro. This package could be later upgraded to standard or premium package without money lost.

Standard package

Standard package designed for owners of typical apartments who wants to sell their property within reasonable time and above market price. Real Estate statistic shows that 93% of all real estate transactions done with help of professional Real Estate Agent. Save your time and avoid stress usually associated with sale of the property.

Standard package includes:

  • Personal approach and communication with selected Real Estate Agent during whole process of getting the home sold
  • Market analyses to define right price
  • Recommendations for property enhancement including optional Home Staging service to raise property attractiveness on a market
  • Preparation and placement of professional advert on main real estate portals
  • Professional photos to attract buyers
  • Preparation of necessary documents and information for notary contract
  • Agent’s participation on notary meeting and property handover to new owner.
  • Real Estate Agent saves your time on calling, showing and dealing with potential buyers
  • Legal and financial support for seller and buyer
Premium package

Premium package designed to meet requirements and needs of private house, duplex house, townhouse or exclusive apartments homeowners. This market segment is very specific and requires different techniques and channels to attract buyers. As number of transactions is low in this segment it is crucial to make things right from the beginning.

In addition to standard package, premium package includes:

  • Home staging to increase property attractiveness for target audience
  • Legal support to get property documentation in order
  • 15 touch point marketing plan how to generate buyers leads
  • Open House events and modern technology advertising to generate potential buyer’s traffic
  • House video tour and surrounding intro video to trigger 300% higher visit rate
  • Expertise and network in upper segment of real estate market

Premium Package price is agreed on individual base.