Searching for a new home?

Looking for a bigger flat house? Have You already scrolled through the main real estate portals twice and still haven’t or your own found anything? Let us handle the search and enjoy visits to the best homes market has to offer.
Buying at an expensive price is easy. Just as selling cheap is. However, finding Your dream home at a reasonable price can be a tough and time consuming process. That is why we help our customers in fulfilling their dreams. Letting a professional lead the project will: minimize Your time spent, give reassurance on critical points of the deal and in many cases, save You money. Proper sales experience is vital in negotiating a good price.
We help our customers in finding their dream homes and take care of the whole process. Just select the suitable package for you.

We provide following services for home buyers to make the process faster, less costly and easier

  • Finding a home and negotiations with the seller
  • Determining the market value of the purchased home and property valuation
  • Control of the house before you buy: utility systems, quality of the construction, property documentation like construction permit etc, the cost of necessary repairs
  • Preparation of the notary agreement
  • Interior design service
  • Support in obtaining the missing documentation, if needed: permission for construction and operation
  • Support in selling existing real estate
  • Additional services through our partners: cleaning, moving, mini warehouse, construction and repair work

Select right service package to meet your needs!

Starter package for 490 EUR includes
  • Personal consultation to identify future home requirements
  • Practical instructions on how to search effectively and avoid common mistakes
  • Market overview and average price levels
  • Pre qualified search for 5 best suitable properties
Dream home package, costs upon agreement
  • Personal consultation to identify future home requirements
  • Market overview and average price levels
  • Active search for suitable properties according to defined criteria
  • Planned visits to selected locations
  • Property condition check for visual and hidden defects
  • Representation of the customer in the search, negotiations and purchase processes
  • Buyer support in decision making process
  • Legal and financial advice

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