Full service package

Full service package designed for rental businesses or private landlords who want to pass on the responsibilities to a professional. Key benefits being, that all administrative and maintenance efforts are taken over. Tailored services include:

Home staging to achieve 7-10% higher income

Home staging is using practical creativity, real estate knowledge and designer expertise to professionally prepare a home for rent.  A professionally staged home will become infinitely more attractive to potential tenants, renting out quickly and for more money.

Tenant communication, from the background check to monthly invoicing

We will manage Your tenants, ensuring that the rent is paid on time. We monitor the utilities and invoices in a more efficient way. When necessary, a new tenant will be found.

Rental agreements created by lawers to keep your property protected

Properly made agreement helps to avoid problems in future as regulate all important aspects from deposit value to property cleaning at the end of rental agreement. We put long time experience to keep you proparty well

  • Tenancy agreement according to Estonian laws
  • Complete inventory list during property transfer
  • Recording of water, electricity, gas and heat meter readings during the transfer and return of property
  • Regular inspection of property according to the landlord requirement
  • 2 month deposit and 1 month prepayment from tenant

Maintenance and problem solving 24h

The full service is designed to give You the peace of mind and relieve You of the commitment of being a full-time landlord. In case of water leakage or any other troubles, we will solve it within 24 hours.

Costs paid by tenant in the value of  1 month rental fee plus 7% of the monthly rental fee paid by the landlord