Home staging is a technique to prepare real estate property for sale or rent raising its attractiveness within target audience thus selling or renting property faster and at higher price. It is widely used for decades in US, Canada, UK and in some other developed countries and became well known service for the landlords.


Why to prepare real estate property for sale or rent?

Recent real estate studies show

  • Buyers form an opinion within the first 15 seconds of entering a house
  • Buyers tend to stay in a furnished house for an average of 40 minutes versus a vacant property for just 5 minutes
  • 9 out of 10 people finding it difficult to visualize how an unfurnished home would appear furnished.

Thus main goal of Home staging is to set buyer’ first impression right.

Elements of Home staging service

  • Pre-sale home cleaning
  • Lighting
  • Minor improvements/repair
  • Furniture
  • Decoration
  • Declutter / Depersonalization
  • Fragrance


“Home staging” – it is not repair or interior design, it is the creation of universal interior that will best meet the customer’s expectations

Apartment before and after Home staging

What our customers say about Home staging

…After preparation, the apartment changed its look – it became bright and cozy. As a result, we sold it within three months…

– Svetlana Grashman

…We chose Ruutmeetrid kinnisvara OÜ, because they offered an interesting solution in decorating the apartment to make it more attractive. We are very happy with the result…

– Viktorija

…I liked how stager prepared apartment for sale.  It was really transformed, became more spacious and colleagues at work told that apartment is super …

– Jelena

…The apartment was prepared and decorated fast and result was impressive – our apartment was booked within a week and sold within a month…

– Veronika

Want to increase attractiveness of your apartment or house for buyers or rental tenants? Contact us and we will organize it.