Why it is not very popular in Estonia to hire real estate agent for searching of a new home

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Hiring a real estate agent is well known tradition in many developed countries like USA. So what is the main reasons why it is seldom used in Estonia. Thoughts about this topic will share successful real estate agent with 12 years prior experience in consultive selling&marketing Aleksei Mershin from Ruutmeetrid kinnisvara OÜ

Question: Aleksei, what is main reason why usage of real estate agent during searching for a new home is not very popular in Estonia?

There is no simple answer to this question. From one side our real estate market is still young and historically real estate agents focused on supporting customers to sell or rent their property. Still i forces increasing trend to use real estate agents support during buying.

Question: Why usage of real estate agents during buying is popular in USA?

First,  experienced real estate agent reduces risks for buyer with purchase of a new property starting from legal risks to hidden defects. Second, real estate agent will save lot of time for his customer during new home searching process. Third, which is most obvious not all customers orient on market prices and real estate agent will achieve better purchase price e.g. save money for his customer.

Question: Interesting, it seems very rational to use real estate agent support in buying so what are missing today real estate agents to be able to convince customer in need of their service?

It is not easy to convince customer to use service which is not yet traditional. Having 12 years of active consultive sales experience prior of starting business in real estate I found out that most of real estate agents in Estonia are missing professional sales skills. In Estonia sales job is not prestige and has bad reputation coming from expensive vacuum cleaner sellers in apposed to USA where salesman is respectful in society. Great  agent should be expert in real estate market, know legislation and construction, have high energy and motivation. If you add there also professional selling skills then you can understand why so few agents who can do it

Question: Why then real estate agencies do not invest money in developing agent skills to be able to exploit this buyers potential?

Actually many big agencies invest lot of time and energy in education of real estate agents but here comes another problem. Real estate business has no stable income for agents so many enthusiastic beginners are leaving this business in first two years. There is big fluctuation of stuff so it is one of the main reasons why many agents are missing professional selling skills. Another reason is also simple – buyer is much less profitable for real estate agency compare to seller because. It take at least 3 times more time for agent to complete purchase for buyer than sell the property for seller.

Question: Why then Ruutmeetrid kinnisvara OÜ is offering service to support buyers with purchase of property?

We, in Ruutmeertid kinnisvara OÜ, believe that focusing only on company profit is short term thinking. We established our company to add value to our customers through professional services and support them to find dream home.  We are driven by our dream to help our customers to find their home of dreams. Having strong sales experience helps us to really understand our customer needs, find answer for question why they want to get a new home. This core competence reduce dramatically amount of work to be done and deliver results to our customers fast.

Question: How much costs your company service in finding home for your customers?

We have 3 different packages to satisfy different customer segments. Our starter package costs only 89 euro and could be upgraded to move advanced packages later without money lost. You can find more info on our website here  http://ruutmeetrid.ee/wp/searching-for-a-new-home/

Question: What you would recommend to people who consider to find a new home?

Most important is to find out answer for question: why you want to move to a new home? Once this is clear then simply start the process. We recommend to review our packages which were designed to support customer to find a dream home