Where from to start

where to start

First and most important question which you need to ask yourself: why you want to get a new home?

  • Do you live in rented apartments?
  • Do you want to move to a bigger flat?
  • Do you want to move to your first private house?
  • Do you want to move to a smaller apartments because your children are grown up and moved to their own home?

Understanding of your motives is crucial to set right goals and expectations towards new home.  We suggest that you seariously think about main reasons why you need a new home and put your thoughts on paper. Once you know the main reason why you can move to next part…

2. Assess your financial capabilities to define acceptable and max price tag for a new home

Use max loan calculators which you can easily find on most popular bank websites. Remember that common rule is that max monthly loan payment should not exceed 40% of your monthly income and calculated with 4,5% interest rate. Examples of calculators you can find here

3. Define locations/districts which are suitable for your new home.

Remember that once new home is purchased you can not change location anymore. We suggest that you think carefully about your needs in figuring out appropriate location. You may consider:

  • Time you need to spend to get to work and back. It is not recommended to select location when you need to spend more than 30min in getting to work
  • Do you have a car or your future home should have decent public transport near by?
  • If you have children or planning a baby consider availability of kinder garden, schools and places of interest. Forgetting about these important places could cost you additional wasted time each single day.

4. Define important criteria of your future property:  size in m2, number of rooms, availability of place to store staff, parking lot etc.

Invest your time in getting clarify for new home requirements and it will save lot of your time and energy during further searching process

5. Consult with real estate specialists to understand current price level on a market

Study pricing for different segments in your desired location: brand new, renovated or repair needed. This will give you good arguments in negotiation price with seller and avoid overpayments.

6. Now you are close to start the most exciting part –  searching for suitable options.

We suggest you simply use most spread real estate portals to select 3-5 properties which fits your criteria the best. Contact seller and go to see them in reality